Politico reports, “One of the largest national security trials in Hong Kong began on Monday, after the Chinese government imposed its draconian national security law in 2019. A group of pro-democracy activists known as Hong Kong 47 are appearing in court under charges of “subversion” — organizing and participating in an unofficial primary election. The activists were in custody for over two years.”

Opposition International asserts as a human right the right of opposition parties to exist and to control their primary nominations. We note that the Hong Kong Government is not banning political parties. It gives full approval to one: the Chinese Communist Party and it’s affiliates.

Opposition International fully supports the broader statement of Amnesty International.

February 6, 2023

Hong Kong: Case against 47 pro-democracy figures must be dropped as politically motivated trial begins

As Hong Kong’s biggest national security law trial of 47 democracy advocates began today, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director Hana Young said:

“In a trial that lays bare the intrinsically abusive nature of the national security law, some of the defendants face up to life in prison simply for taking part in political party ‘primaries’.

“Most of the 47 have been detained for two years without trial, due to the extremely stringent bail threshold which in effect creates an assumption against bail in national security cases. Whatever happens in the trial, that injustice alone can never be undone.

“People must be allowed to freely express their opinions in Hong Kong, without the threat of jail. Peaceful political opposition is not a crime.   

“The charges against the 47 are based entirely upon claimed hypothetical threats to national security. All those still detained in the case should be immediately released and the charges against all dropped.”