Readers of the Opposition International blog will note a current topic in Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, and Nigeria is what should an opposition party do.

The National Democratic Institute has done work and written on just about every topic in democracy. Lord Mark Malloch Brown complained once that when he left 10 Downing Street to consult he found NDI was already doing everything he had planned.

The task with NDI is finding out where they put stuff. In the case of the role of the opposition, NDI commissioned the above pamphlet for the Iraq program.

Individuals involved included Sarah Giordano, NDI Senior Program Assistant, Jenna Ficher and Benjamin Bratter. Good job!

What stands out is that the concept of a party as “the opposition” is borne of the Westminster parliamentary model. The American republic reflects a federal model based on states. The authors, working within the U.S.A. mindset, define well the opposition in terms of its role. It’s an operational pamphlet not a treatise.

Much more needs to be said. A competent opposition will hold the government to account. An effective opposition will win power in the next election. Contributions welcome! as Formal Opposition Quick Guide _EN.pdf