Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto does groundbreaking work about the abuse on the internet and in private communication links of private communications among the media, activists, and Opposition political figures. Much effort has gone into exposing the deployment of the Pegasus software infestation to spy on individuals deemed as threats by established political and state intelligence interests. Here is a scathing report on the use of Pegasus in Mexico.

What actually surprises me is that anyone in this day and age thinks the government is not actively hacking it’s own citizens. Governments have a 1000 excuses do engaging in wholesale violations of privacy. The possibility for abuse by disaffected persons is immense. Common is divorced men spying on ex-wives. Governments subsidize millions of dollars worth of this harrassment.

The Opposition must fight to survive the contemporary onslaught of surveillance. Worldwide, there are 45,000 agencies who have a duty to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Inquiries should not be made frivilously but the fight against the crack cocaine of electronic spying should be part of the war on drugs.