South Korea has a remarkable story to tell post the 1953 Armistice. Economic growth and social development accompanied by expanding civil rights and a jittery at first but now stable democracy. The strength of democracy in South Korea given its hard birth has made its transition one to study as a possible model of democratization to export. A new article by Simon Brun, a student at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco makes a well-reasoned case for democracy assistance to take a greater priority in the growing Korean development aid agency, KOICA.

Last June, Roland Paris, University of Ottawa, and Jennifer Walsh, Queen’s University, made the case yet again for Canada to up its game in democratic support actions Paris and Welsh make a strong case, but, as with Brun, they are not clear in what they are asking for.

Yes, they repeat as I have, the need for a Canadian democracy agency, tentatively given the name of “ Canadian Centre for Peace, Order and Good Government,” POGG being a phrase which the British diplomats stuck in all the post-colonial Acts to distinguish the Commonwealth countries from the Americans’ “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”