Innovative Polling for Turkey’s Presidential Election May 14th

No lack of public interest in a critical election!

The Turkish Election for President has started to attract global attention because of the possibility that the Opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu might defeat the President Erdoğan. See our earlier blog. We have a Turkish correspondent at work now on sorting out the alliances among the opposition parties which will be the critical factor.

RIWI has announced a special polling campaign given the strategic importance of the election to Turkey’s democratic future and position in Europe and the Middle East.

RIWI is a growing sentiment analysis (marketing for polling) company based in Toronto. RIWI and its founder Neil Seeman have perked up the industry’s ears with their “special sauce” techniques, which are particularly effective in highly polarized election conditions.

See their LinkedIn announcement.

Opposition International would subscribe, but we are not ready to invest. However, readers may have the budget. You would not be disappointed.

More information on the Turkey project