JAMnews has just published a review of a recent Georgia Transparency International study on media disinformation. JAMnews bills itself as a leader in the fight.

“With so much misinformation cavalierly and cynically tossed around, it is vitally important that the societies in the Caucasus benefit from journalism that is fact-checked and unbiased, balanced and sensitive.

JAMnews has been giving them just that. “

Fighting disinformation in Georgia

“According to a new study by Transparency International Georgia, the Georgian government is ineffective in combating disinformation in the country, and there is no political will to solve the problem.

Despite the fact that services have been created in various government agencies to work on disinformation and cybersecurity, an accurate analysis of this problem, inter-agency coordination and the effectiveness of specific actions by the state are still insufficient.

The government in some cases avoids direct criticism of the West, or makes allusions, which are then picked up by pro-government TV channels (for example, Imedi), those loyal to the authorities, as well as government pages, fake social media accounts and the public movement “People’s Power.”

TI maintains that Georgian Dream’s campaign contends that the US wants to involve Georgia in the war in Ukraine, and funding from the US is aimed at creating an agent network in Georgia. Another wave of government disinformation is also directed at the European Union. Here, the main narratives is similar — that Georgia is not being given EU candidate status because it is being punished for not joining the war in Ukraine, and the EU wants to open a second front in Georgia.

The document also mentions that the country is still the target of Russian disinformation and hybrid warfare. Hybrid warfare is propaganda, disinformation, sabotage and other non-military actions aimed at destabilizing the enemy.”

When all else fails…