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Another stab at a mission statement. Clarity and accuracy rarely mix well. Alex Chaufen in his Forbes magazine column on nonprofits recommends to keep revising until you find your Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Comments and corrections welcome. I will post in our highly secure Element chat app on Matrix.org. Invitation — “Hey, talk to me on Element:” (space: Opposition.International) (room: #OIblog). It can be tricky. Mail me directly for invite at Owen.lippert@gmail.com

Toronto based, Opposition International has as a goal to follow the Government and Opposition relationship worldwide. Staff and volunteers analyze and report on what helps or not to improve democratic accountability.


  • We highlight the roles and responsibilities of Opposition leaders and parties, and the safeguards needed for them to do their job safely and effectively.
  • We hold that forensic opposition research, and a working, if neutral, partnership with civil society (e.g.,open data advocates) will improve policy debate both on the facts at hand and the underlying principles.
  • We advocate for impartial national and international regulations on political activities — for example, on diaspora fundraising and voting abroad. Politics is local. Democracy is a customizable universal value.

Our volunteers come from many parties. We are non-partisan: we engage any opposition party, whether of the left, right, or centre, which adheres to the rules of democracy. We support the diversity and renewal of policies and practices.