The Eurasianet story posted below has to be allowed to speak for itself. The Baytaq “Green” Party has secured its registration from the Ministry of Justice where the more active opposition parties, such as the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan led by journalist Zhanbolat Mamay, have failed to do so. The Greens leader, Azamatkhan Amirtai, is in the charmed circles around President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Having won a snap presidential poll, Tokayev has said new parties will be registered, and political reform will come.

Caution suggests two responses. One, continued scrutiny as to whether the President’s democratic words are but clouds. Two, if he is sincere even to a limited agenda, then encouraging him makes sense.

Most observers would not guess until they heard from those closest to the situation.

We hope to hear in days to come the discussion among Kazakh leaders in the most important experiment in democratization in the region.