The WEDF, an online three day conference, bills itself as all about the use and future of data. It certainly covers a lot of technical, policy, and philosophical territory. Most participants are from Europe and North America. This year, the organizers put a special emphasis on Latin America. Bravo for the discussiones. The Asia Pacific region also has dedicated sessions.

As a trial run, I started a chat room for Opposition.International concerning the use of data in Opposition research. The challenge for data workers when using data in Opposition politics lies in their emotions: the hesitation and worry to draw attention and government criticism to oneself by honing data into evidence to accuse, criticize and confront. The first instinct is rather just put the data in the shop window, and somehow let it speak for itself. In an ideal world …

“The World Ethical Data Forum is the only event in the world that embraces the full range of interrelated issues around the use and future of data.”

“By addressing these concerns and encouraging the collaboration of apparently competing worlds, from technology and big business, government and security agencies, policy makers and the media, to human rights lawyers, whistleblowers, and privacy and transparency advocates, the World Ethical Data Forum is offering a unique and crucial perspective for the future.”