We seek donations as a federally registered nonprofit organization in Canada, registration# 1367965-9 and Revenue Canada tax# 754041804RC0001. Donations are deductible. We seek to apply for charitable status at a future date in Canada and the USA.

What do your donations support?

First priority is as secure as possibly communications with opposition party members around the globe. No electronic communications can be completely secure. We invest in what can give reasonable assurance. W

We are investing in a significant social media presence to be accessed not only by our direct volunteers but by our local partners.

We are supporting research into the regulatory framework of international contributions of funds, voluntary work in kind, and media access.

We are researching the basis of an advocacy campaign for overseas voting and the accurate tabulation of votes cast abroad.

Our training program design centres on fairly sophisticated forensic data analysis. The goal is to increase linkages among open data activists, think tank analysts, and caucus researchers.

We will release our financial statements not only as required by law but also in the spirit of transparency.

Our goal for 2023 is to raise a minimum of $US 100,000 for hard-cost program expenditures.

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