Overseas Voting/Donations and Ukraine: A Model for Opposition Parties Looking to Attract Diaspora Support? Special Report by Attorney Olha Chernovol

Olha Chernovol Ukrainian licensed attorney who works as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa with Jennifer Quaid on her SSHRC-CRSH-funded project exploring non-trial resolutions in anti-corruption matters. Fellow at the uOttawa Human Rights Research and Education Centre DIASPORA ENGAGEMENT & CONTRIBUTIONS FOR POLITCAL PARTIES IN UKRAINE The political party funding issue in Ukraine […]

Cambodia’s Power Diplomat Couple to USA & UN Reject America’s Values Agenda

A plug is due to Politico for its expanding global political coverage. Politico Insider has an interview with Cambodian ambassador to the U.S., Keo Chhea. Canadian journalist gets him to open up on big questions. This week, D.C.-based China Correspondent Phelim Kine talks to Cambodia’s diplomatic power couple in the U.S. about their roles representing […]

Kenya’s Politics Soothed as Dialogue Agreed to – For Now

Kenya tends to a fractious, slow-moving, mutual equilibrium of non-cooperation between the government and the opposition. Still despite the toll political strife imposes, Kenya has made significant gains. The January Election led to a number of court cases as to electoral wrongdoing – a feature of all post-election periods. Opposition International takes a strong stand […]

Opposition parties Abolished by Myanmar Junta – As Expected

By Associated Press BANGKOK — Myanmar’s military government took another major step in its ongoing campaign to cripple its political opponents on Wednesday, dissolving dozens of opposition parties including that of ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi for failing to meet a registration deadline ahead of elections. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy, or NLD, was one of 40 […]

Freedom House: Best Message Yet from Democracy Summit

Freedom House seeks to both highlight and combat authoritarian repression, in part by emphasizing its human toll. The experiences of the individuals profiled here illustrate the significant pressures and harms that human rights defenders and prodemocracy activists face in reprisal for their work. Located around the globe, these artists, journalists, and activists often languish in […]

And the Oscar goes to the Opposition – the Leader of Russia’s – Alexey Navalny

The Hill, the congressional newspaper does not usually run stories about Oscar movie awards, This year was the exception. The documentary film, Navalny, won the award for best feature length documentary. Alexey Navalny leads the Russia of the Future Party and is a member of the opposition coordination council. Directed by Daniel Roher, the film […]

Kem Sokha sentenced to 27 years for treason – If Cambodia is not on S4D Agenda at Costa Rica, What’s the Message?

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-64832748 Jonathan Head in BBC … Aljezeera … HRW … WP NADA NYT? The U.S. Department of State … “The United States is deeply troubled by the conviction and 27-year sentence of respected Cambodian political leader Kem Sokha. The multi-year process to silence him, based on a politically-motivated charge, is unjust and profoundly diminishes the […]

Lead up to July Election: PM Hun Sen Shuts Voice Of Democracy (VOD) media

Will Cambodia’s situation be raised at the US-led Summit of Democracies in Costa Rica? Civicus, a prominent NGO based in South Africa, has released a signed petition to protest the order by the Government of Cambodia to revoke the Voice of Democracy’s media licence. It is believed an article about the Prime Minister’s son, Hun […]

Interview with Dimash Alzhanov on the electoral manipulation in advance of the legislative elections in Kazakhstan

Dimash provides a guide to the gerrymandering and vote-splitting strategies for the upcoming legislative election. The genuine opposition will have hard time securing seats proportionate to it’s strength. Professor Susan M. Hyde’s thesis on how the complexity of vote rigging bamboozles election observers may about to be proven true. rus.azattyq.org/a/kazakhstan-parliamentary-elections-inteview-analist-dimash-alzhanov/32268308.html

State Political Funding: Australia debates who Pays for Print in a Digital Media Age

An issue has arisen in Australia that may foreshadow changes to funding for political campaigns, in a digital media landcape. Given. Australia’s leadership on political finance, it is instructive to follow their debates. In this case it involves state funding for Yes and No material fir the upcoming Uluru referendum on enshrining an Aboriginal voice […]

Religion and Other Factors in Nigeria’s Pre-electoral Opposition Coalition Strategies

Dr. Iche Ugwe is currently a Visiting Fellow at the LSE in the U.K. He also follows the Opposition International blog. We take the opportunity to repost remarks from his recent piece on the upcoming 2023 election in the Premium Times of Nigeria, an influential media organ. Opposition International particularly recommends Iche’s nuanced take on […]

A NDI Starting Point: How to be The Opposition

Readers of the Opposition International blog will note a current topic in Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, and Nigeria is what should an opposition party do. The National Democratic Institute has done work and written on just about every topic in democracy. Lord Mark Malloch Brown complained once that when he left 10 Downing Street to […]

NED Series on Urban-based Digital Surveillance and Authoritarian Control

The series came out on December 15, 2022 and did not cut through the end of the year rush. I finally found time to go through it. Far more substance than usual Internet scaremongering, “The Russians are Coming” and “”Beware of the Red Peril.” Some of it really is scary! DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT As […]

Proportional Representation in Myanmar? A View from In-Country by U Win

It is with gratitude that Opposition International welcomes U Win (a pseudonym for safety reasons) as a contributor. U Win is a researcher and human rights activist from Myanmar, with 10 years’ experience working and writing about politics, human rights and the criminal justice system of Myanmar. U Win’s research interests include access to justice […]

Nigerian Election Results 2019: is the Past a Sure Guide to 2023?

Change from one year or one election from the one before is often exaggerated. We perceive changes more readily than how things stay the same. Politics in particular tends to advance by increments, at least for most generations. Nigeria may test the stasis hypothesis in the upcoming July 2023 election. However, the changes may be […]

An Opposition to be Effective Needs Money. Read the Economist’s Bagehot as to Why

Making the case for money in politics ain’t easy. Still, Opposition International agrees with the esteemed Bagehot proper funding improves the quality of the workforce of democracy. A prime directive: we advocate for increased funding of opposition parties with less unrealistic regulations and with substantial yet secure transparency. The past 30 years is littered with […]

Cambodian Opposition Leader faces jail accused of bad cheques: Quiet Flows the Mekong

Thach Setha, a head figure in the Candlelight party, current leading opposition party, faces possible jail terms for bouncing cheques in 2019. No one will be surprised if poltical motives are behind charges. The current government for nearly 4o years has pursued through creative legal means any potential rival. The curiosity is that millions of […]

Politics Alive in Vietnam, Pressure for Democratic Liberalization to Increase?

Vietnam remains in the grasp of a war-hardened Communist Party. It has the second highest restrictive Internet censorship, only North Korea exceeds it. A free press and a free judiciary are not planned for any time soon. Yet, it’s semi-capitalist economy is chugging along well with investment capital transferred out of China, a younger and […]

One Year of Opposition International

Corporations Canada sends an email today reminding that Opposition International has existed for one year now and a tax return needs filing by March 14, 2023. Notification of any changes to the Board of Directors or bylaws should also be sent. Changes incur a $200 fee. Over the last year OI has developed a small […]

2022 Kenya Election: Kofi Annan Foundation Report – Stands Out as African Perspective

Kenya’s 2022 election attracted many observer teams from international agencies, large foundations, and a plethora of democracy groups. The Kofi Annan report stand out as among the best and critically as the leading African assessment. https://www.kofiannanfoundation.org/publications/report-kenya-2022-post-election-review/ Several court cases continue and their verdicts, while unlikely to alter the results, may provide fresh insights. Opposition International […]

New Movie about Alexei Navalny: Russian Opposition Leader’s Life in Peril

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-navalny-russia-opposition/ Fast Facts About Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Russian opposition leader, Navalny, is quickly becoming a household name in the world of politics. He has taken on the Russian government head-on, and has been arrested and convicted of fraud multiple times. Despite this, his popularity among the Russian people remains high. Navalny’s history and background […]

What Does An Opposition want in Bangladesh? A Paradox Revisited

“What made them defy the odds? What does the BNP want to achieve through such mass mobilisation? What message do they want to give to the Awami League? Answers to these questions are crucial to understanding the future course of Bangladesh politics.” so asks Mohammad Al-Masum Molla in The Daily Star, Dhaka’s leading English language […]

Wikipedia: disinformation campaigns against Opposition parties; error correction=digital survival

The linked Wired story about Wikipedia’s 21-year-old struggle against state-sponsored disinformation provides valuable background to the question of campaigns against opposition parties, though not addressing it directly. Most disinformation campaigns are what an informed person would expect. Russian trolls fighting internecine ex-Soviet era battles against upstart nationalists. Chinese army battalions of computer hackers trying to […]

Truss resigns, 1922 Committee saved, BB BoJo

Editorial by Owen Lippert UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned. Pundits are busy parsing what it all means. I report here only the good news. Her resignation saves the 1922 Committee from having to review its rule that a new Conservative leader has a year’s grace from backbench discontent. Esther Webber in Politico’s delicious […]

Canada and International Day of Democracy 2022: “If not now, when?”

Owen Lippert (Ph.D.) Director, Opposition International Since a United Nations Assembly Declaration in 2007, the world has celebrated September 15th as International Day of Democracy. Canada, one of the oldest full franchise democracies, has just cause to celebrate and take a bow. It is also time to ask what Canada is doing to promote democracy […]

Thailand’s Denying True Election Winner Will Lead to Oligopoly and Stagnation

https://asia.nikkei.com/Opinion Thaksin no longer scares Thailand’s establishment Ex-prime minister’s return and pardon accepted as price of keeping reform at bay Thitinan Pongsudhirak September 6, 2023 05:00 JST Thitinan Pongsudhirak is a professor in the political science faculty of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and a senior fellow at its Institute of Security and International Studies. Thailand’s […]

Democracy Day 2023

It is a temptation to oversell democracy as a necessary source of social stability, economic equity, and personal emancipation. Democracy, in truth, is not instrumental to any outcome good or bad. It is a way simply to engage most people and thus confer legitimacy. One can only hope the public prefers light over the dark. […]

TI Maldives Report on Presidential Election: Incumbent Shenigans

Transparency Maldives stands out with the quality of its reporting at a time when more and more election observation reports are evasive, inconclusive, and heavily massaged by concealed interests. The Maldives held its presidential election on September 9, 2023. The election was closely watched by India and China, both of whom are vying for influence […]

Bersih Steering Committee calls for Truce between Malaysian Unity Government and Opposition: Hmmm

Bersih is an important coalition of CSOs and political parties for free and fair elections in Malaysia. Indicating broader support, ANFREL has published Bersih’s article on their website : End the incessant politicking, Take up the Call to Negotiate a New Memorandum of Understanding You can view it from this link : https://anfrel.org/end-the-incessant-politicking-take-up-the-call-to-negotiate-a-new-memorandum-of-understanding/ https://plus.google.com/share?url=https://anfrel.org/end-the-incessant-politicking-take-up-the-call-to-negotiate-a-new-memorandum-of-understanding/ Opposition […]

Catholic Church in Congo Active among faith leaders of NEC to bring pressure for F&F Election

Africa Congo’s Catholic church questions government’s election preparations Reuters June 23, 202312:35 PM EDTUpdated 2 months ago https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.587.0_en.html#goog_867976432 The country’s Catholic church has a long history of promoting democracy in the vast African country where organising elections has been complicated by financial and logistical problems, and where disputes over vote tampering have frequently caused widespread […]