Decertify Fake Madagascar Election: Hey Observers Listen to Opposition Now!

Here’s the link to the latest BBC report after the close of the polls:

Artificial Intelligence bots (Bing in this case) don’t catch breaking news. They can provide background.

The editors here at Opposition International have had a long debate on the use of AI text. We admit that the volume of stories we cover overwhelm our resources. We have not made the decision lightly. Here are our rules.

1. AI generated text must be identified as such and the source program acknowledged.

2. All editorial comment will be OI-written

3. if AI text is challenged as in accurate and a case can be made, we will publish a rebuttal statement.

4. Our editorial positions are reached through a consensus of editors and correspondents, and reflect shared values.

This is an experiment so please feel free to share your reactions and suggestions.

Owen Lippert, Chief Editorial Officer