Pita is de populi de jure Prime Minister of Thailand — now. If he fails to press his advantage, the subterfuge of the military coup leaders and the opportunism of others will erase his opportunity to lead. Victory will not be given to him. it must be seized. If it involves breaking some rules, they are the rules imposed by a military coup that broke all democratic rules.

Stakes are very high in Thailand. Pita must soon set aside his hope that the military will actually honour their own rules and allow his possible accession to the Prime Minister’s Office. The generals will not relent: they have too much money at stake. And, that is really what military politics is about.

If Pita fails to assert his claim to office, then he will fall rapidly from being a contender. Others have already started to assert they can be a compromise choice. They claim that they can make an arrangement with the military in which everyone saves “face.” Thailand cannot afford the stagnation and delay of reform that a brokered military coalition would bring, borne of unsavoury reasons.

Pita has the right to govern by result of the election. He needs to form his Cabinet and start entering the ministries. This will cause confusion. He must press hard and at the same time set up a street presence. The military will at first at least remain in the barracks for fear of stoking unrest.

Pita has a chance. He has no choice but to push forward In the bureaucracy and in the street.

A failure to reform and renew the political economy of Thailand will have long term poverty-inducing effect on the people of Thailand. The Ancien Regime if left in place will fail to reform.

Thailand needs Pita. If he has to play rough, it is still less dangerous than leaving in place an unchecked and undisciplined freelance military junta, with compromised civilian agents.

The point of being Opposition is to govern one day.That day has arrived for Mr. Pita and Moving Forward.

Fortune favours the bold.