-Military Senators rejecting formation of de populi de jure Pita Government should trigger travel visa ban, asset freeze, and credit review

Junta’s Allies Reject Thai Election Results, Derailing Top Opposition Figure NYT


in short unelected senators appointed as proxy agents of military officers, acting on their self-proclaimed warrant, have blocked the formation of the legally elected new government. The New York Times provides superior coverage.

Opposition International counsels Mr. Pita and the Moving Forward party and its allies to reject the votes of non-elected senators. Refuse to submit to another vote in the puppet parliament. Form a Government immediately and begin to govern. The professional civil service will follow your instruction. Military officials have a clear choice to support a democratically elected government. If the Royal Household chooses to allow the army generals to withdraw without interference, they would be praised by the majority of voters. Royal authority is not an issue: democracy is at stake. The military has a choice to obey the will of the people. If it fails, it has lost its mandate to employ any force domestically. Personnel should remain in barracks.

International law may judge that a military coup has occurred abetted by the action of its agent senators. Past indulgence for a transition period has ceased. Measures recommended include travel visa bans, freezing of assets, and credit reviews.

A new government is now in force by right of the recent election. No longer valid are tge artificial and plainly discriminatory procedures blocking the new government. Mr. Pita is the Prime Minister of Thailand now.