True North News reported on the Prime Minister’s recent testimony at the Public Order Committee – shades of Robespierre. Trudeau was defending Bill C-11, which deals with content on the Internet. Aside from the merit of the issues, He did describe with pith the role of the Opposition. The “clip” will go on our Quotes Page, if a new royalty not levied.

“Our democratic system is designed around the sharing of ideas and having an opposition whose job it is to find fault in those ideas, to force governments to think everything through and be able to defend its decision. The problem arises when disagreements are built on falsehoods or wrong facts because then it becomes difficult to have a real debate and genuine exchange of ideas,”

The first sentence gets to the core purpose of Opposition. The second, while true, invites the old riposte, “You stop telling lies about me, and I’ll stop telling the truth about you.”